Service Descriptions

Our program offers the following services:

1/ Individualized Behavioral Based Consultation, which consists of Initial W orkshop Assessment and T raining, ongoing program modifications, parent and therapist training as well as video evaluation.

  • Initial W orkshop and Assessment The average number of hours to set up an individualized home program is 10 to 16 hours. For out of the country or out of state workshops, airfare and traveling expenses will be added accordingly .
  • Ongoing Program Supervision Supervision meeting is usually 1 to 2 hours. When meetings are being done at home or at school, an additional driving time fee may be charged if more than 40-minutes.
  • Parent, Therapist and School Staff Training T raining provided by the lead therapist.
  • Direct Therapy All direct therapy is provided by a therapist.
  • V ideo Evaluation
  • Phone Consult and Case Management for phone calls lasting more than 20-minutes and for indirect services such as program review and assessments.

2/ Initial Evaluation Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to recommend the number of hours of weekly therapy, as well as evaluating the appropriateness of services offered by this clinic for the child.

Initial Evaluation Meeting The meeting takes approximately 1 to 4 hours. If a formal report is needed, it will be provided at an additional cost.

3/ IEP A ttendance and Reports. W e will attend the child’s IEP meeting as necessary and provide a progress report.

  • IEP A ttendance
  • Progress Report